Friday, 25 December 2009

Factors To Be Considered When Choosing FX broker

There are few factors to be considered when choosing FX broker competiton and they are as followed:

• Consider FX broker competitive only with the required qualification. Do not forget to check all his degrees well in advance.
• In you are in United States then avoid not registered broker.
• Choose foreign exchange broker competition that offers low spread trade, as broker charge their fee depends upon the spread so better to have broker with lower spread. Good to go with fixed spreads.
• Ask the forex broker if he is willing to provide technical comments, financial calendar, and able to do market research.
• forex Broker competition must have up-to-date information on the market structure and should be willing to work with on the flexible timing.
• Must have complete knowledge about margin and spreads – go with some experienced person.
• Go with the forex brokers competitive that offer lower leverages, it is the amount of bucks that he would lend you to trade forex. So with low leverage you will have low risk in this market.
• How much margin is he willing to offer you?
• Do a careful research of the forex broker competition, avoid if he is involved in any blacklist or other delegations.
• Check out the client history and evidence.
• Have a complete talk on the commission system, better to have a written agreement.
• Must have good reputation within the FX industry.
• Your forex broker competitive must know the rules and regulation of the government.
• Ask all the questions well in advance if you have any to avoid frauds.
• Do some of the paper work and research how your broker works in the running market.
• Best is to go with the references, check out with your office colleagues or friends and relative if they know some honest FX trading broker.
• Do not rely on brokers words; ask for the references where he has by now worked.

All About FX Broker

FX broker competition is a person assisting you to trade in foreign currencies and accountable to give all relevant market information. It is not obligatory to have a FX broker competition, but in order to trade efficiently you will need one. FX brokers competition are normally regulated by government. Only a regulated broker will make sure reliability and flexibility of your trade. These FX brokers competition work on the commission or charge basis. Some FX brokers competition in the present day ask for the a small percentage from your bid/ask spread, those brokers do not have commission or fees system.

An individual may be interested in executing their trade without the help of FX broker competition, but a normal trader with less market information, putting an effort to trade in online forex market is simple like chasing a grizzly bear with bisque spoon. As the market is FX broker competitive, your chance of success will be low with our adequate broker. These FX brokers competition are not centralized unlike other kinds of trading; in fact you will come across thousands of broker that put their own currency spreads, margins and prices.

If you want to deal with online forex trading market, it is must to have a FX broker competition. It is 24 hour market and you might not be able to handle it alone. Your FX broker competitive will offer you 24 hour support. It is simple – you may carry out trade at 4am in the morning, but that might be the time of good trading and he may support you simultaneously. It is understood that choosing a FX broker competition is indispensable, but be careful while choosing one. Do not be in a hurry, check out few options around. It is good to have a demo account opened at first to confirm on the working of FX broker competition and foreign exchange market as well.

How To Make Big Profits Everyday

There are many FX day traders whose aim is to make regular profits everyday and over time these small profits mount up. There are plenty of foreign exchange trading systems on the net to choose from - but how do you choose the best for this form of trading?
The fact is you can’t choose the best one because NONE of them work.


It is impossible to earn money every day or regularly when trading and it’s impossible with day trading - because day trading simply doesn’t work at all.

The Reality

Day trading systems are sold on hyped advertising copy and use hypothetical track records (that means done in hindsight knowing the closing prices!) so there of no use in proving profitability going forward. Keep in mind you never find a day trading system with a real time track record.
So why doesn’t day trading work?
Quite simply because the data period is to short and you can't get the odds on your side.

Think about it:
There are millions of forex day traders trading trillions of dollars each day and to say that you can judge what they will do in a few hours is laughable, yet many naive and greedy traders take the bait, buy a system and lose.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Ultimate Trader Champion

Win Cash Prizes

ForexGen has the pleasure to announce the launching of the ultimate trader champion on the first of every month.

Interested clients who wish to participate in this event shall send an e-mail request on contest@forexgen.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it including the following information:
  • Full name
  • Phone number
Also provide us with the following identification document:

" Certified copy of the information pages of account holder current valid passport or government issued photo ID"

After we receive your request we will provide you with further details and with your ForexGen demo account login information which will be used in the trading contest.

This Forex contest for the current month will starts on Sunday 20-12-2009 at 10 pm GMT and ends on Thursday 31-12-2009 at 10 pm GMT.

For more information about our current and future promotions, kindly contact one of our customers support agents at

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ForexGen is Giving You Cash This Christmas

There aren’t many Forex promotions like this one, but then again there aren’t many Forex Brokers like this one.

Get a 25% cash back straight into your trading account, on any deposit you make up to $100,000, during the month of December OR get free rebates also during the month of December and next 3 months that you will get $ 1 for each closed mini lot and $ 10 for each closed standard lot.

ForexGen knows what traders are looking for, Simplicity, Security and Safety. That’s why the majority of our traders use our services again and again.
  • We offer 24/7 hour support and a personal account manager to all of our traders.
  • We offer training and education resources.
  • We send our traders daily Market Reviews by email each day.
  • We send the latest trading signals by email.
  • And we don’t charge fees or commission.
  • Free hedging activities.
  • Free Signals, Charts and news.
Register with ForexGen to start trading Forex and we’ll look after the rest.

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Monday, 12 January 2009

What is a Forex Broker?

Foreign exchange (forex) trading is an attempt to make money from the relative movements of different world currencies. For instance, today one US dollar (USD) may purchase 0.7095 Euro dollars (Euros). Tomorrow, one USD is likely to buy a different amount of Euros. The change will likely be very small, but over the period of a week, the change may be significant. A week later, for example, one USD may buy 0.6995 Euros.

In the example above, if you had spent 1,000 USD to purchase 709.50 Euros, a week later you could have sold your Euros for 1,014 USD, making a nice profit of 1.4% in just one week. Most forex brokers will allow you to use leverage to increase this amount considerably. However, leverage magnifies both your gains and your losses.

A forex broker makes money from the difference between what the buyer pays for the currency and what the seller receives for the sale. This means that there is no commission on each sale; it is built in. This is very similar to the way a market maker on the NASDAQ makes money.
Very few people were aware of or involved with forex brokers and foreign exchange trade until recently. In the past, only large banks and very large corporations or investors took advantage of the foreign currency market. However, there are now thousands of forex brokers that allow people to open accounts and trade through the Internet. This has allowed almost anyone with an interest in trading foreign currencies to set up an account and begin trading.

A good forex broker provides both training and assistance. In principle, foreign exchange trading is as simple as buying low and selling high, not unlike the advice given to stock traders. In practice though, foreign exchange trading is much more difficult to do. For beginners, it is important to choose a forex broker who can provide training and assistance. Research on the Internet can help one locate a good forex broker.

The qualities you should look for when choosing a forex broker include a low spread, the quality of the institution associated with the forex broker, the tools and information the broker makes available to you as the trader, the software provided for making the trades, the availability of leverage options, and the length of time the broker has been in business. A low spread is important, as it is equivalent to the commission you pay on each trade. Most brokers are associated with a large financial institution or bank, and you should choose a forex broker with such an association. A good forex broker should also be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Definitely avoid any forex broker who is not registered!

While you can guess as to which way the currency markets are going, you will have more success if your trades are based on some research and a system. A good forex broker will have the resources and tools in place to make this research easy. All foreign exchange trading is done online, so it is important that you are comfortable with the software used to do the trading. A good forex broker will have trial or demo versions available so that you can evaluate how well the system works for you before making any real trades.

Leverage is a very powerful option, so make sure that the forex broker you choose has the leverage options you need and are comfortable with. Finally, choose a forex broker who has been in business for some time and has a good reputation. Only very experienced traders should consider using a new brokerage.

[ForexGen White Labels]

Forex White Label partnership allows the trader a quick access to the online foreign currency exchange market.

[ForexGen] provides two types of trading White Label partnerships, a limited and a full solution. ForexGen different types of forex White Label partners are able to access ForexGen's trading platform entirely branded under each partner's unique company image and name. We provide a customizable online trading platform for the different types of the two White Label solutions.

Automated Forex Robots

4 Key Points to Consider to Find the Best

The Overwhelming majority of Forex robots simply don't work and if you want to find one that does, looking at the 4 key points enclosed will help you find the best...
In recent years there has been a huge rise in the number of robots claiming they will help you enjoy financial freedom with no effort and most fail miserably to live up to the hype. Let's get rid of the bulk of them first.

1. Does the Track Record look to Good to be True?
You see them all the time, pay a couple of hundred of dollars and get a track record that is better than the worlds top fund managers. If you see ones with these statements then be very wary of them.

- Double your Profits every month

- Trade with 90% accuracy or more

- Draw downs of less than 1%

- Losing periods of under a week

This is not the reality of Forex trading!
Normally these systems produce back tests and simulations, knowing the closing prices, or present testimonials and trading results that are not independently verified.

The top fund managers wouldn't be earning millions of dollars in annual salaries if the Robots worked, they would be out of there jobs and join the world enjoying financial freedom, trading Forex robots for the price of a night out.

Now you can win but look for some evidence of real gains, independently monitored and look for a track record of a few years in length

2. What to Look for in a Real Track Record
So what gains can you expect to see?
The best will do compound growth of around 30 - 100% per annum and the higher the gain, the bigger the draw down. You can normally expect a peak to valley drawdown of 20 - 50%, depending on the risk profile of the system. A typical drawdown will be a few weeks to a few months.
The gains are excellent - but you have to ride out short term losses, all the best traders do and you will as well.

3. Know the Logic
Never buy a black box system where the logic is not revealed. You need to know the logic to have confidence, to follow the system with discipline.

4. Support and Ease of Use
Look for good, prompt support from the vendor. Dry run the system to make sure everything is in place before you trade real money, don't just jump in, make sure you are prepared and are confident in operating the system.

Long Term Profits in 30 Minutes a day or less
The best robots will give you great long term profits but you have to have the confidence to apply them with discipline, as you need to take short term losses to make long term gains.
If you do the above, you could soon be making great long term gains with an automated Forex robot and enjoying currency trading success.

ForexGen offers three types of business partnerships:

*Introducing Broker
*White label
*Money Manager

ForexGen Introducing Brokers, White Label and Money Manager holders are recognized as a strategic business partners. The main focus of our service is to satisfy our partner's needs in order to deal with a qualified service and gain a huge income sharing plan.

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